Use simple and proven ways to improve your habits

Hi, I’m habitmon, a smart chat assistant. I’m here to help you by using behavioural psychology based methods to create long lasting habits.

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Build or Break Habits Effectively

Read Atomic Habits, Tiny Habits, or Power of Habits? Then you know how practical these are ⬇️


What habit would you like to add? Let's use the 2-Minute method to start because it will help you establish consistency.

How can you turn your habit into something that just takes 2 minutes? For example, meditation becomes meditate for 2 minutes.

Meditate for 2 mins

How often are you planning on doing this? Daily or weekly?



High Score:




Watch your habit score go up.
Don’t worry about falling off streaks.

How does your score work?

  • +1 when you accomplish your habit

  • -1 when you miss a day

Smart suggestions you'll appreciate

Only when you need them.
So that you can focus on your daily life.



Hi, I’ve noticed it’s been 2 days since you’ve logged your meditation habit. If your life is a bit busy right now, instead of meditating for 20 mins, how about adjusting it down? Let’s keep the habit score going up!


Ready to improve a habit?

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